When Will Trump be Held Accountable for Slavery?

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It’s been a hundred and fifty years since slavery ended, and Trump has still not been held accountable. This should worry everyone, and yet, no one is talking about it. Sadly, this is not so surprising. America refuses to acknowledge that slavery is bad or that Donald Trump is responsible for it.

I can already hear the critics – “How can Trump be responsible for something that happened before he was born?” they’ll say. This is an extremely convenient talking point that just doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. After all, what is Donald Trump if not the spirit of whiteness? And if he’s not responsible, who is?

These questions simply cannot be answered with colonial empiricism about “time.” Time ticks on and on and is, itself, a slave master. Don’t get me started about time. We’re coming for time, so don’t get too precious about your timelines, which are, after all, nothing more than timelines of oppression.

It’s time (ugh, I wish we had another word) to deal with this. It’s t*** to move forward. It’s t*** to heal the wounds of slavery, and that means holding Donald Trump accountable.