Virginia Governor Embarrassed to be the Only One Wearing a Klan Hood at Richmond 2A Rally

Rally 2a richmond rally hood klan embarrassed only one governer virginia
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Well, this is embarrassing. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam gave it the old college try and put on his Klan hood and robes to attend the Richmond 2nd Amendment Rally this morning only to discover he was the only one who dressed up for the event which he was absolutely sure was a white-supremacist, hate rally.

“Well gee,” Northam told The Derringer, “I feel a bit self-conscious about the outfit, but to be honest, that’s never stopped me before.”

Protestors descended on the capitol this morning to show support for the 2nd amendment and were (accurately) described by Northam and much of the media as loose confederation of racists, white supremacists, and white nationalists, but conspicuously, they hid their Klan and Nazi paraphernalia (probably) beneath their regular clothes and abstained from violence so as to lull the nation into a false sense of security.

Governor Northam’s attendance in explicit Klan robes was a brilliant calling out of their hidden intentions and possibly the greatest anti-racist moment of the new decade. You go, Northam!


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