Ukraine Ambassador Says He Heard from a Friend of a Friend That Orange Man Bad

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Yesterday, The House of Representatives kicked off explosive public impeachment hearings centered around Trump’s conduct with Ukraine. In testimony that shocked the nation, the Ukraine Ambassador, Bill Taylor, made headlines when he told the committee that he heard from a friend of a friend that “orange man bad.”

“Many people had told him that people had told them,” Taylor clarified, “That the orange man was not only bad but also orange, not only orange but bad too.”

As his comments aired, CNN ran a chyron across the bottom of the screen reading “IMPEACHMENT BOMBSHELL: AMBASSADOR TAYLOR CONFIRMS ORANGE MAN BAD,” while Wolf Blitzer presided over a panel of five guests all pointing out that this only confirmed what they’d been saying all along.

On cue, the Washington Post ran a breaking story claiming that they had multiple anonymous sources within the administration that could confirm that what the ambassador said was true.

The white house released a statement saying Trump was the “Least orange, least bad president in the history of this country or any other.”

The Derringer will bring you more news as the story progresses.