UK Election Loss Shows Why Dems Shouldn’t Nominate a Moderate Shill Like Corbyn

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UK’s Labour Party suffered a crushing defeat in this week’s general election, and that means that Boris Johnson and the conservatives now hold a decisive majority. If the Democrats want to avoid a similar fate, they should take careful lessons from their neighbors across the pond and not nominate a moderate shill like Jeremy Corbyn.

Sure, Corbyn wanted to socialize some industries, but not all the industries. He refused to commit to the complete government takeover and the abolishment of the private transactions, which meant he was just too milquetoast to excite Britain’s cohorts of ideologically Leninist voters.

Sure, he wanted to soak the rich with taxes, but what about the merely well-off? Does anybody seriously believe Corbyn has the balls to rip a pair of glasses off a smug, highly paid engineer and re-educate him with 12-hour shifts in a rice paddy? And if not, how is he any different than Boris Johnson?

Yes, Corbyn was a “friend” of Hezbollah, but let’s be honest, he wouldn’t exactly blow himself up in a crowded market. Sure, he stood up the Zionist occupiers with words, but he wasn’t about to be a martyr for the cause, and in that sense, he was just another filthy imperialist.

The Democrats would do well to learn from Britain’s mistake and nominate a Mao, not a Che. Give them a choice and they’ll take it but nominate a milquetoast moderate like Corbyn and we’re in for four more years of President Cheeto.