Trump Promotes Bizarre Conspiracy Theory That He is Greatest Rapper Alive

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In a rollercoaster interview with The Derringer on Monday, President Donald Trump promoted a bizarre conspiracy theory that he is, in fact, the greatest rapper alive.

When asked, point-blank what he meant by that, the President replied, “Some people say it’s true. I don’t know if it’s true. Could be. Some people, many people say that I am the greatest rapper. Am I? I don’t know. I’ve never tried, but I must say that it is possible. It’s definitely possible.”

The Derringer could find no factual evidence of this claim.

Later on, after briefly discussing the crisis in Syria, Trump came back to the topic, “Listen, I said alive. I never said alive or dead. Obviously, I have great respect for Tupac, one of the greats, great respect, and Rakim. Am I better than them? I don’t know. I could be, but I will tell you this, I have more hits than Drake. They play me much more, much more airtime, and, to be honest, I write all my own stuff.”

The President even threw some shade at Kanye West – “Kanye is a friend, very talented guy, but, to be honest, he seems to spend more time on his fashion. Yeezy is good, very good, but I have my own clothing line too, and they say Yeezy took a lot of ideas from Trump, but that’s ok. He can have them. I’m not mad.”

The President went on to discuss the escalating trade war with China, the opioid epidemic and Nicky Minaj’s ass.