Trump Admits He is @MAGAMom3321

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BREAKING NEWS: The President has confirmed that he is in fact @MAGAMom3321. This comes after a Derringer exclusive investigative report into the origins of the mysterious twitter handle which concluded that it might be operated by Trump himself.

The official White House statement said, “The President saw how much fun his supporters were having and wanted to join in. The account in no way conflicts with his official duties, and, in fact, enhances them by giving the President unique insight into the perspective of a middle-aged woman living in the heartland. The President will not discontinue the use of the Twitter Handle, instead, he may increase its frequency of posting. This is vital for the national security of the country.”

While many on capitol hill were about to mock the President, it was quickly revealed that all of their followers were individual accounts that they themselves had created. The town, known for its gossip, quickly quieted down to a whisper.