Trudeau Issues Scathing Apology After Iran Shoots Down Plane Containing 63 Canadian Citizens

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Today, Justin Trudeau faced perhaps the most difficult challenge a leader can face as news broke that an Iranian rocket was responsible for downing a passenger airplane over Tehran containing 63 Canadian citizens. The newly re-elected Prime Minister addressed the grieving nation with a scathing apology aimed directly at the mullahs leading Iran’s murderous regime.

“We are so, so sorry, and think we all deserve some of the blame,” said Trudeau, “We should all look deep in our hearts and consider not only what we did wrong here, but also how our actions could create more wrong, because two wrongs don’t make a right. It would be a shame if this incident tarnished the image of the brave Iranian people on the world stage or whitewashed the role Canadians have historically played in imperialist exploitation.”

While Trudeau’s words were powerful, many of his countrymen felt that the Prime Minister went too far with this statement and asked him to please turn down the rhetoric before someone gets hurt.


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