Todd: GOP Misinformation Efforts Directed by Putin Himself

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As the host of Meet the Press, Chuck Todd is on the front lines of our democracy fighting against the forces of darkness every day, and so when he says that GOP misinformation efforts are directly by Putin himself, we should all listen. Has he ever led us wrong before?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Todd expressed his shock that that the GOP is so committed to misinformation before going on to explain that Putin has pee-tapes on basically all the GOP men, and compromising photos of the women. “They meet on the Russian dark web,” explained Todd, “And are given their traitorous marching orders, which they then parade out on TV for their KGB masters. That the only way they prevent the Kompromat from being released.”

While shocking, these allegations are probably true. For his part, Todd seemed extremely troubled by all the misinformation and said he hopes these GOP politicians will come clean about being blackmailed, but until they do, we can’t trust a word they say.