“Today, We Are All Fake News.” World Mourns After Trump’s Bloody Massacre

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Yesterday, the world was shaken after the President of the United States went on a killing rampage in a church (meme or not, it doesn’t matter). Today, the world unites with one voice to say, “We are all Fake News.”

The Fake News Media kept warning you that Trump was 20 seconds away from committing mass murder, but did you listen? No, you thought we were exaggerating the problem. Unfortunately, the problem couldn’t be exaggerated.

Now that Fake News Media and Trump’s political opponents are dead by his own hand, we need to stand together and admit they were right all along. They were right about everything. Everything is proven. Every last claim, even if we don’t have the facts to vindicate it, should be considered vindicated. Now is not the time to argue or question but to unite and say #FakeNewsStrong.

Today, we are all fake news. Today, we must all speak with one voice. Today, we must condemn Trump’s act of violence, willful slaughter, utter disregard for human life. If we don’t, this will only happen again. You know this because we are telling you, and you know we are truthful because we are the victims (just like we’ve always said).

#StandWithFakeNews #ChurchOfFakeNews #FakeNewsStrong