The Walls Are Closing In. Is Acquittal the Beginning of the End for Drumpf?

Walls Closing Acquittal Beginning End Drumpf
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This may be the beginning of the end for Drumpf. Multiple anonymous sources have confirmed that the walls are finally closing in, and the Cheeto is isolated, alone and considering resignation at any moment. We have 100% confirmation from sources within the White House who have a view into the “President’s” innermost thoughts that he is regretting leaving his reality TV show and in way over his head.

This confirms what The Derringer has been telling you for years, that the end is coming at any second for President Comb-Over. These unsourced allegations should put to rest any critics who claimed that our reporting was “shoddy” and “opinion driven.” We put the facts first, and sometimes, yeah, those facts are our opinions, but I guess it turns out that all of our opinions were actually facts, so who’s laughing now?

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