The Problem with Trump’s Ukraine Call Isn’t Collusion, It’s White Privilege

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Listen, Trump commits a lot of crimes, so many crimes I can’t even remember them all, but the one crime that underlies all his crimes is the plundering of black bodies from Africa. Trump’s real presidency started in 1619 when the first slave ships came to America, and it won’t end until we’ve cast off white privilege and removed him from office.

Let’s be clear, Trump’s crime on the Ukraine call isn’t collusion or conspiracy or abuse of power. It’s white privilege, and it needs to end. Need more evidence? Let’s go to the transcript.

Trump starts off by congratulating the President of Ukraine on a tremendous victory and then went on to talk about foreign aid and arms deals. Are there any more white conversations than that? They might as well be talking about IRAs and pumpkin spice lattes. Also, notice that white people speak for 100% of this call.

Next, Trump asks for a “favor,” which is typical behavior between whites colluding to prop each other up and give each other’s kids an internship or something. I’m not saying black people don’t ask for favors too, but there are no black people on this call.

In terms of “Quid pro quo” I don’t even know what the f*** that means, but it sounds like some kind of Latin bulls***, which is basically as white as it gets. They might as well be quoting Chaucer.

All in all, I guess there is collusion, collusion to keep their whiteness supreme and face no consequences for it. We need to hold them accountable and throw these two out of office into the streets where they belong!