The Derringer Liquidates Editorial Team After Reposting Image of Trump’s Racist Tweet

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At The Derringer, we strive to bring you the highest quality news-like content known to peoplekind, and that means taking a stand against racism, sexism and all other forms of bigotry. Yesterday, we failed at that mission, and so we’re here to tell you that we’re sorry. In an attempt to fight racism and white supremacy, The Derringer’s editorial team re-posted an image of one of Donald Trump’s tweets, calling it out for the hatred it is. However, what they did not consider was that the very act of re-posting the image was itself racist and triggering to many of our readers.

We were wrong, and we are sorry, but we know that words alone are not enough. That’s why The Derringer has taken the extraordinary measure of liquidating our entire editorial staff. Their families have been notified and remains disposed of at an unmarked site so that mourners cannot make pilgrimage to their graves. We know that this action cannot heal the wounds opened by our insensitive and irresponsible action, but we hope it can be a start.

Rebuilding our team is going to be a challenge, but it’s important that we take action to root out white supremacy at our organization, whether intentional or not. If we didn’t do that, how could you trust us to accurately report news-like information? Please be patient while we rebuild our organization and strive to be better than before.