Swalwell Flips the Script on #FartGate: “He Who Smelt It, Dealt it”

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#FartGate has taken the internet by storm ever since Representative Eric Swalwell appeared to loudly flatulate on live TV. While the jeering commentators immediately pounced on Swalwell, the California Representative has punched back implying that it was not him, but the home viewer who did the crime.

“He who smelt it dealt it,” said Swalwell, “And he who heard it served it. He who stood in front of the camera when it happened is totally blameless should have this exonerated from his complete and permanent record.”

The Derringer investigated these explosive claims. Could it be possible that there is no farting sound on the tape at all, but that all home views simultaneously flatulated first upon initial viewing and then repeatedly did so again upon subsequent viewings?

At first, this seemed too outlandish a claim to be true, but when The Derringer’s crack fact-checking team tried to point out that Swalwell was most likely the culprit, they realized that “He who points the finger pulled the trigger.”

He may have check-mated us on this one.