Shockingly Transphobic Study Claims Objective Reality Exists

transphobic study shockingly objective reality
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Scientists are (usually) great, but sadly, sometimes scientists disappoint us. This week, a group of scientists released a shockingly transphobic study claiming that objective reality exists. As we all know, the idea that there is some sort of “objective reality” that is common to all, upon which truth claims are made is a slanderous, bigoted notion that cuts right to the heart of our trans and non-binary communities. The Derringer stands strongly against these reactionary claims that common reality is in any way intelligible, coherent, or consistent.

The study’s authors have tried to claim that they were merely settling a scientific debate about the weight of neutron particles and their cumulative effect on mass and gravitational pull in larger objects. However, they conclude by stumbling upon a “mathematical explanation” for the existence of all matter. This is, of course, extremely problematic and must be denounced and shunned accordingly.

Luckily for us, there are many good people out there who care about being on the right side of history and have called for the speedy punishments for these rogue bigots posing as scientists. We must all stand up and say together that all claims on objective reality whether in biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry or philosophy are inherently wrong and dangerous. It’s time to stop bigotry in its tracks.


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