Schiff Defends Smollett: Let He Who Has Never Fabricated a Political Hit Job Out of Thin Air Throw the First Stone

schiff smollett defents fabricated thin air throw stone
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A travesty of justice! This week, actor and civil rights hero Jussie Smollett was charged with six counts of making sh*t up to prosecutors even though, like, everyone knows that the racist assault he alleged could have been true in Trump’s America. Is there no decency anymore? Just when that question seems the most hopeless, suddenly a hero arrives. That hero is Adam Schiff who, upon hearing about the case, immediately came to the defense of Smollett, launching a scathing broadside against Donald Trump and the America that he has ushered in.

“Let he who has never fabricated a political hit job out of thin air throw the first stone,” orated Schiff in his signature baritone. “Truth matters, and sometimes to get at the truth you have a lie a little. Was Jussie assaulted by two MAGA hatted Trumpers on a cold Chicago, beaten, covered with bleach and shackled with a make-shift noose? Maybe he wasn’t, but, in a way, wasn’t he? Haven’t we all been? Couldn’t this have happened? And if it could have happened, didn’t he have a responsibility to call it out, to preempt it? Wouldn’t he have been wrong not to do so? I myself may have fabricated a little bit here and there in order to get the president – should I be thrown in jail too? Of course not! This is a travesty! This man deserves the presidential medal of freedom, not the inside of a jail cell!”

Wow. Powerful words from Adam Schiff. I know we’re not supposed to put our personal feelings into these very objective news-like articles at The Derringer, but just transcribing that speech brought tears to my eyes. Fly on ye angel, ye fighter for the light.


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