Sanders Promises Breadlines for All Americans

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At a rousing campaign speech in Northern Iowa, Senator Bernie Sanders promised that under his administration he would provide breadlines for all Americans.

“You’ll just take a number like a deli,” Sanders proposed, “And then you get in line with everyone else to get basic sustenance like bread. They may have mustard there too and some other basic stuff, but nothing too fancy.”

The proposal has polled well with millennials and college-educated white voters but has struggled to gain traction with working-class voters or voters of colors who largely asked why the f*** they should have to do that.

Either way, other 2020 Democratic candidates have also promised to bring breadlines to all Americans with Warren releasing a detailed plan for staffing bread ques, as she terms them and Gillibrand promising that she would fight to make sure all Americans were waiting in breadlines on day one of her presidency.