Romney Comes Out as “Extremely MAGA,” Declares It’s Time to “Un-Cuck” the GOP

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Well, that was fast! Mitt Romney is a man who has taken many positions across his political career, but we’ve never seen him do a 180 like this before. Just yesterday the Utah Senator was the only member of the GOP to vote against the President in the Senate impeachment trial. Today, he’s engaged in whirlwind media blitz declaring that he has always been “extremely MAGA,” and calling for the GOP to be “un-cucked.”

Appearing on a right-wing podcast, the 2012 presidential nominee went off, “These traitors – that’s what you’d call them – these traitors who go against our President – It makes me so mad when people say he’s ‘not my President’ – yes he is you weeping snowflake – the man who’s done more in my lifetime, in anyone’s lifetime to make this country great – for those traitors to stab him in the back and to smile while doing it, well I think they need to be stabbed in the front in the town square and left to bleed out as an example to the rest of the cowards. It’s time to uncuck this pissant party and show America what greatness really looks like.”

Many are speculating that Romney is trying to position himself as the heir apparent to Trumpism in 2024, but it’s unclear how this bold gambit will play with the base. When confronted with polling that shows most republicans are upset with his conviction vote, the Utah Senator grimaced and replied, “F*** their feelings.”

Maybe he’s getting the hang of this thing after all.


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