Protestors Swarm Airports as Trump Considers Travel Ban to Stop Chinese Super Virus

airports swarm trump travel ban chinese super virus
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It was a scene to behold. Protestors swarmed airports across America today to express their outrage about the Trump administration’s purported plans to shut down travel with China to contain the spread of Coronavirus. The addition to Trump’s hated ‘travel ban’ would, if effected, be yet another blow against democracy and decency in our country.

The Derringer spoke with protestors outside of San Francisco International Airport who surrounded the terminal with signs reading Ban Xenophobia and Coronavirus Welcome Here.

“It’s a disgrace. It’s an absolute disgrace,” said Kimberly Kyle, a 32-year-old teacher from the Bay Area, “This is how dictatorships start. First, they shut down the borders then they come for you. This virus thing is just an excuse to shut down our liberty. You think we didn’t bring diseases when we came to this country? You bet your ass we did, and the people living here suffered. We can return the favor.”

She was drowned out by chants of “We’re not afraid,” and “The only virus here is orange.” The Derringer will bring you more updates from these brave and inspiring people as the story unfolds.


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