Pandering? Warren Proposes Increasing Foreign Aid to Wakanda

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Speaking in front of a rowdy crowd, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren unveiled a bold, new proposal – a large increase in foreign aid to the fictional African country of Wakanda.

While the plan was met with enthusiasm from her base, some have accused Warren of pandering for more African American votes. Polls show Joe Biden leading with the key democratic voting block by double digits.

For her part, Warren dismissed the criticism as just noise.

“Look, I’m running a campaign,” she told The Derringer, “And people are going to say what people are going to say. Let ‘em. I say this – the proud nation of Wakanda deserves our support and our respect. This president isn’t giving them that. Well, I will.”

The proposal polled a whopping 93% among democratic primary voters, so perhaps she’s onto something.

Joe Biden tried to rebuff but immediately put his foot in his mouth by saying “Wakanda doesn’t exist.” Many are calling it another embarrassing gaffe from a candidate who is increasingly out of touch.