Overcrowded Bloomberg Rally Desperately Seeking Three More Chairs

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It was a state of emergency. Aides scrambled around the conference center desperately trying to find three more chairs for Mike Bloomberg’s completely packed and oversold rally. Of course, this is a problem that plenty of campaign would love to have. Chronically overselling your venues because your supporters are too real and too numerous is a dream come true, but once you’re in the situation the gravity hits you like a ton of bricks.

Aides told The Derringer that it was a nerve-wracking fifteen minutes with all-hands-on-deck trying to find three more chairs for the overflowing attendees. “There was a local fisherman’s meeting in the next room, and they were using almost all the chairs in the whole place. We asked the front desk, and they eventually got the janitor to bring up a pallet of folding chairs from the basement. We didn’t think we would make it, but we did. Mike had just barely started talking.”

Whew, that sounds stressful, but heck, it also sounds like one of those good types of problems. Way to go, Bloomberg, the true man of the people.