OPINION: Whether or Not Trump Committed a Crime, Can’t We All Agree That He is Guilty of It?

Walls Closing Acquittal Beginning End Drumpf
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Here we are again. Another day, another scandal. Today, Trump is accused of withholding military aid to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Biden. Tomorrow it will be something else. Whether or not he committed any crime, can’t we all agree that he is guilty of it?

Let me lay out my reasoning. Trump, as we all know, is a criminally corrupt president, unfit and emotionally unstable. It is our job as reporters to discover the evidence that proves these facts. But here’s the rub – finding evidence is difficult and expensive. Can’t we just jump to the end and say he’s guilty already?

First of all, we know he’s guilty because we feel these facts deep within our bones. We feel the knowledge of his guilt well up inside us when he appears on the TV screen. We flush to its terrible revelation when he speaks. It’s insulting, frankly, that we should have to prove this guilt by “standards” of “law.”

If Trump isn’t guilty, then what is law anyway? If standards don’t find him guilty, are they the right standards? Listen, we can go on and on about what “happened” or “didn’t happen,” but can’t we just cut to the chase and say he’s guilty, guilty of it all and move on?


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