OPINION: Sean Spicer Needs to Be Impeached and Removed from Dancing with the Stars

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Week after week the outrage to our rights and constitution continues. No, I’m not talking about having a Cheeto as president (Although, like the movie Air Bud, you have to wonder, shouldn’t there be a law saying a Cheeto can’t be president?), I’m talking about the gross violation of American norms that is this season of Dancing with the Stars.

Sean “Donald Trump is president” Spicer (fact check: he lost the popular vote, dumbass) continues to stay on the show while other, better, more politically palatable contestants get voted off. Let me make this clear, after serving in the Trump administration, the only job Sean Spicer should be qualified for is pooping on the streets of San Francisco, but somehow he lands on a reality TV staple and managed to ruin the whole thing (obviously).

HE NEEDS TO GO. Here’s the problem, week after week, people (probably Russian bots) keep calling in and voting for him to STAY. This is a perversion of the democratic process, and if people don’t change the way they’re voting, we’ll have no choice but to impeach and remove Spicer from the show. This anti-democratic coup cannot last forever.

The American people need to stand up for their norms, and if they won’t, then we need to use extrajudicial means to change their behavior. It doesn’t stop here.