Omar Responds to Allegations of Affair: “Cash Me Outside Howboutdah?”

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A fiery Ilhan Omar appeared on The Dr. Phil Shows Wednesday to address recent allegations that she engaged in an affair with a married campaign staffer.

The exchange became heated when Dr. Phil tried to confront Omar on the ramifications of her actions with Omar standing up from her seat and challenging him to “Cash her outside,” and then repeatedly asking, “Howboutdah?”

When the audience began to boo, Omar turned her fury on them calling them, “Punk-a** b****es” and saying in Somalia she’d have them beheaded in the streets.

That was before Dr. Phil brought on his special guest, the woman whose husband Omar allegedly stole. Chairs were thrown before chair security had to come on stage and pull the two apart. Before going to break, Dr. Phil admitted that this was probably not great psychiatry, but it sure made good television.