Monica Lewinsky Points Out That She Blew a Whistle Too, But No One Protected Her F***ing Name

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“Unfair really unfair, said Monica Lewinsky sitting down with The Derringer for an exclusive interview about the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower.

“He gets a total media blackout with institutional actors like Facebook and Google actively suppressing his identity because of some whistleblower statute. Well, I blew a whistle too, but no one protected my f***ing name,” said the former white house intern.

“The whistle I blew totally blew up in my f***ing face, and there weren’t all these people there to help me clean it up. It left a total stain on me, a total stain.”

According to the crack team at The Derringer, blowing whistles is actually extremely common and protection is rarely provided. So why does this whistleblower get special treatment?

“I don’t know,” said Lewinsky, “I don’t know. But if he’s out there blowing whistles without any effect on his reputation, then it’s probably because he’s a man because a woman would never get away with that.”