Mitch McConnell One-Ups Pelosi by Ripping Up the Articles of Impeachment

mcconnell pelosi one ups articles impeachment ripping
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Last night was the annual State of the Union speech where the President addresses a joint session of Congress, and while Donald Trump was certainly the center of attention, it was Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi who stole the show as she ripped up the President’s speech on live TV. It was a stunning and brave moment lauded by many as “the most unifying part of the night,” but Mitch McConnell may have topped her when he followed up by ripping up the Articles of Impeachment.

“Such terrible articles,” said the Senate Majority Leader, “It was better than the other thing I was going to do with them.” Obviously, since McConnell did this, it was neither stunning nor brave but cold, calculated, and manipulative.

Armed guards have been deployed around the constitution to prevent any retaliation on that document. “We don’t know what’s going to happen next,” said Mitch, a sly smile creeping up his face, “Isn’t that the whole fun of it?”

The Derringer will bring you more information as the story unfolds.


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