Millennials Bandage Up Their Battered Twitter Fingers, Head Home as WW3 Finally Comes to an End

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It was a long and hard battle, and we lost many friends along the way, but World War III has finally come to a close and Millennials are bandaging up their battered Twitter fingers and heading home with both a sadness and a joy in their hearts. Many still can’t believe it’s true, that it’s finally over.

Twitter user MK460211 summed up the feeling nicely when She/Her tweeted that “We are the Marvel sequel to The Greatest Generation, like the original but more epic and wayyy more inclusive.”

Thousands of heroic likes rushed in to support this veteran of our generations great conflict, lifting She/Her’s statement out from obscurity and vaulting it into the pantheon of greats.

As the wounded warriors returned home, there was even an iconic kiss, which was proceeded by a consent contractual negotiation and exchange of pronouns in a “Yaaasss” moment for the ages.

The Derringer salutes those brave soldiers returning from WW3 and would like to wish them a #blessed 2020.