It’s Time to Admit That Being “Straight” is a Form of Climate Denial

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Unfortunately, people keep having babies, and that means everyone is going to die. That’s because a child is the most carbon-intensive product you can bring into this planet. Not only will they have to consume a lifetime’s supply of food, but they’ll also need housing and heat and roads and schools, all of which are unsustainable.

And yet, not all people are having kids. That’s something exclusively practiced by “straight” couples, which begs the question, is being straight a form of climate denial? The short answer – Yes. Being straight is not only oppressive, but it’s also unsustainable. It has to go.

Let’s tease out this logic a bit. “Straightness” produces patriarchal relations between the sexes in which men (basically) rape women, force them to act as gestation pods for their DNA and continue to unstainable peopleing of the earth. Heteronormativity, therefore, produces an infinite amount of carbon over an infinite number of generations until its chains are broken for good.

Some people (probably boomers) may try to tell you that “straight” couples can avoid having children by using contraception, which totally misses the point. Stopping climate change isn’t just about reducing climate emissions (although that is part of it), but it’s also challenging the capitalist system of patriarchal oppression. That means we need gender-queer Marxism now more than ever. Disagreeing with this should be the new litmus test for climate change denial.