In a Dramatic Bid to Re-Elect the President, Royal Couple Threatens to Move to the US If Trump Loses

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If you believed what the media tells you, you would think that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were strict, ideological progressives and certainly not supporters of US President Donald Trump. But if you believed that you would be wrong because today, in a dramatic bid to re-elect the president, Meghan and Harry threatened to move to the US if Trump loses.

The royal couple who are “stepping away” from the monarchy plan to move to Canada in order to make menacing overtures towards invading the US if the Democrats win the presidency in 2020. The move, which is seen as a brilliant gambit most likely orchestrated by the Trump campaign, plays on deeply held American fears that the British Monarchy would reestablish a foothold in America.

It is, of course, not surprising that Trump would play on such deep-seated fears, but many are surprised that Meghan and Harry would throw their weight so strongly behind the president. Perhaps they found that life outside the royal sphere was not so easy after all, and they needed to sell their influence bidder just to put food on the table. On the other hand, maybe their annoying progressivism was a psy-ops campaign from the very beginning.

The Derringer will bring you more information as the story unfolds.


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