If AOC Doesn’t Run for President Now, the World May Be Over Before She Has a Chance

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If Alexandria Ocasio Cortez doesn’t run for president now, she may never have another chance. That’s because the world may be over before the 30-year-old Congresswoman from Brooklyn reaches the constitutionally mandated age of 35 to assume the highest office in the land. When the stakes are this high, we can’t let a piece of paper hold us back, and that’s why AOC needs to run and needs to win. #AOC2020.

The fate of our world hangs in the balance. Everyone knows that the only way to fight climate change is a complete government takeover of the economy along with racial, sexual, and gender reparations and a ban on all agriculture, travel, and commerce, but no one has the courage to do what it takes.

That’s why we need strong leadership. We need someone who isn’t afraid to crack a few eggs. If the constitution says she can’t run until she’s 35, it’s time to throw away the constitution, because we don’t have 5 year – we barely have 4 four years, and we’ll have no years under the current trajectory.

Time is running out. We need to act now. AOC 2020.