Hateful Hong Kong Protesters Seen Waving Racist Flags

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Have protests in Hong Kong gone too far? That’s the question many have been asking after protesters were photographed waving racist flags and holding signs imploring fascist intervention in their country.

“Woah, have they even taken post-colonial lit?” asked Susan Brown, a student at MIT, “I mean, I really hoped that they didn’t know what it meant, but when I heard them sing The Star-Spangled Banner, my heart just sank. Normally I love protests, but I can’t be silent about this one.”

Many are calling for the protests to be ‘canceled.’

“We have no other choice,” said Anita Johnson, “They’re gaslighting the world. They hold up symbols of slavery and women’s oppression and then say they’re fighting for freedom? Whose freedom?”

Most controversial, they’re holding up signs asking for ***** to liberate them (The Derringer had a policy of not publicizing the name of fascists to prevent copycat fascism around the world).

“Excuse me, but we’re trying to escape from his fascism,” said some person on the street we spoke to, “And they want him to goose-step up to city hall and start putting boots on necks? Nuh-uh.”