Hashtag Activist Modern-Day Mother Teresa

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Sitting at her laptop in her Brooklyn apartment, Carol Davis is doing God’s work. She’s a hashtag activist, a modern-day Mother Teresa, and she’s not going to let anything stop her.

When there’s injustice afoot, Carol is there, hands on keyboard to boost the post. No matter where in the world it happens, she can get to it in a single second – that’s her superpower. Wherever, whenever, no matter if she knows what she’s talking about or not, she will be there, curing the sick, feeding the hungry and harassing the undesirables out of existence.

Some people say one person can only do so much, well those people obviously haven’t met Carol. Injustice? She’s got it. Poverty? She’s got it. The pressing moral and social issues of our times? She’s got that one big time.

“You just kind of hold down shift and press the 3-key,” she explained, “And that makes this little, waffle-looking thing that flies around the world and solves problems and defeats bad guys.”

The Nobel Committee is reportedly looking into Carol’s work.