Gervais’ Death Ruled Suicide After Host Hangs Self Onstage with a Single Kleenex. No Witnesses.

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Last night was a night of awards, laughter, and stars at the annual Golden Globes, but it was also a night of deep sadness as returning host Ricky Gervais tragically took his own life. The troubled comedian’s death was ruled a suicide after coroners determined that Gervais had hung himself onstage with a single Kleenex.

Although we have full confidence that the events occurred as described, there were no witnesses as all the attendees were checking their phones at the time, and the cameras mysteriously cut out for about 45 minutes. The Golden Globes producers explained that the technical difficulties were not apparent to the viewing audience because the second half of the show had been pre-taped, which should put to rest any wild conspiracy theories surrounding the comedian’s tragic end.

Many Hollywood A-List actors expressed sorrow at Gervais’ passing and blamed themselves for not having seen it coming. Outside the show, they were tearing their clothes, shedding tears, and saying “Why, God, why?” Their public outpouring of sorrow was extremely touching and really went a long way in showing that they had no hand in the matter.

The Derringer will bring you more details as the story unfolds, but, honestly, this one seems pretty cut and dry.


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