Democrats Furious After Cruz Takes a Knee During Impeachment Proceedings

furious democrats impeachment proceedings cruz takes knee
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“Shocking.” “Disgraceful.” “He should be ashamed of himself.”

Those were some of the reactions from Democrats after Senator Ted Cruz took a knee during the opening of the Senate impeachment trial yesterday.

“He needs to have a little more respect towards our attempts to destroy this racist, evil country,” said an unnamed Congressperson.

After the shameful spectacle began, Nancy Pelosi immediately introduced a bill forbidding kneeling, fist-raising or chant-based protests of any kind during the very solemn impeachment proceedings. “If we can’t unify around this, what can we unify on?” she asked.

Cruz, for his part, said he was kneeling to protest the systemic bias in the impeachment inquiry and said he had no plans to stop. He even claimed he was doing it out of “love of country,” like some kind of a f***ing fascist.

Truly, it’s a dark day for America.


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