Crowd Chanting “CNN Sucks” Clearly Unaware Network Host Such Top Talent as Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter

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Well, they’re at it again. Last night, President Donald Trump held a reelection rally where the crowd held a chant of “CNN sucks,” clearly unaware that the network hosts such top talent as Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter.

It was sad, really, to see them display their ignorance in that way. After all, independent fact-checkers have been able to completely debunk the claim that CNN “sucks” just by pointing to any number of enlightening segments on Reliable Sources or Cuomo Prime Time. Experts have agreed that these shows do not suck, and therefore the crowd was most likely unaware that these fine programs were even on the network they were chanting about.

It’s obviously suboptimal (from a societal point of view) for so much of the population to hold such informed views about an American treasure like CNN, but do you solve the problem? One solution could be to broadcast Cuomo Prime Time and Reliable Sources in schools or to make “CNN studies” an official academic discipline. This way all Americans will be aware of the wonderful heritage embodied by these shows and we can avoid embarrassing episodes like this in the future.

Will these proposals catch on? Only time will tell.