Come Sit on My Lap and Let Me Tell You a Little Story About the Birds and the Bees

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It all starts like this… There are some birds, right? They’re flying in the sky… Well, this isn’t so much about the birds – although they’re there – but actually, it’s more about the bees. Now the bees, they really want to pollinate these flowers and these flowers, well, they’re open for business if you know what I’m saying. Their petals are all… Well, they’re very pink with these little antenna sticking up like…

See, what I’m saying is, and listen up, that for there to be more flowers there have to be more bees, do you understand? This is important, there have to be these bees… and don’t ask me what the birds have to do with all this… Everyone just says, ‘Joe, tell ‘em about the birds and the bees,’ but they don’t tell you what to tell ‘em, so I’ll just tell you this – these bees crawl up in these flowers and they cover ‘em with pollen, and then they come out and go from flowers to flower or something like that just going in each one…

That doesn’t sound right… No, I don’t think that’s… what I’m trying to say is that the bee settles down with one flower who he really loves and then they uhhh… Well, you get what I’m saying, don’t you? You can’t just hop from flower to flower even though it may be tempting to do so… It’s not how polite society works…Where was I?

…Anyway, that’s how babies are made.