Clinton Signals Willingness to Accept Presidency If Trump Removed

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The Derringer brings you this exclusive report that former first lady and 2016 democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has signaled her willingness to accept the presidency if Trump is removed from office.

Clinton, who has been out of the public eye since narrowly losing the 2016 election, released the following statement, “With a heavy heart I accept this responsibility handed down to me from my country. We all put our hopes for peace and prosperity into the Trump administration, but, unfortunately, those expectations have not been met. At this point, I think we can say that we’ve given it a fair shake, but now it’s time for something new.”

Her office informed The Derringer that her inauguration speech is already prepared, and she can assume office as soon as next week. “When the country asks, she will answer,” they said.

Mitch McConnell signaled that he would block this move, cynically calling it “Outside of constitutional order,” and “Not at all the way things work.”

The Derringer will bring you more updates as the story unfolds.