Canada to Replace All Shots of Trump in The Apprentice with Justin Trudeau Speeches

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Canada is traumatized right now because it sits right on top of Donald Trump’s America and that means his evil racism and fascism slowly seeps up through their boarder like toxic smoke rising from a coal power plant. However, despite the traumatic circumstances, Canadians would still like to watch classic episodes of The Apprentice except for one small problem… Luckily, due to Canadian ingenuity, that problem has been solves by replacing all shots of Donald Trump in The Apprentice with Justin Trudeau speeches.

The juxtaposition works surprisingly well. In one scene, after a humiliating loss in a lemonade stand challenge turns into shouting match in the board room, the camera cuts to the head of the table where a saint-like Justin Trudeau halts the argument saying that “Diversity is our strength,” and that we need to “Decolonize our ways of thinking.” No one is voted off. The episode ends with a hug.

Canadian audiences reacted rapaciously to these new edited cuts of The Apprentice with audience numbers hitting a record high. “I like that there’s competition, but they’re still friends at the end,” said one Canadian viewer, “They compete like dogs, but they’re not afraid to say sorry.”