Brave Comedian Risks Career Standing Up to Trump

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Something happened at Lucky’s on Friday night. Audible gasps could be heard from the attendees of the historic comedy club as rising star Sean Laughlin took a bold stand onstage.

“So, I’m not a big fan of this Trump guy,” said Laughlin before going on a wild riff, calling him orange, observing that his hair was possibly fake and imitating his speaking pattern. Shock and murmuring silence spread throughout the crowd. After all, failing to pay respect to authoritarian strongman Donald Trump could end your career, but openly insulting him? That could end your life.

Nevertheless, Laughlin went on, and, after their initial shock wore off, the audience began to roar with laughter. Some of them took out their phones in an act of revolutionary defiance and began filming. Laughlin went on, brilliantly satirizing the president’s hand movement, and making a series of cleverly subversive puns on his ‘Make America Great Again’ theme, implying that the president himself was perhaps less than great.

Footage of the set quickly rippled across social media from anonymous accounts as state censors tried to shut down the social networks.

Afterward, people in the audience were exhilarated. They had been there as the first cracks in the regime began to form. Yes, there was fear, but more so, for the first time in 3 years, there was hope.