AOC Urges Americans to Reject Fascism for National Socialism

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We truly live in historical times where historical events come to pass before our very eyes. Right now, our country stands at the brink of complete and total fascist control, and the only thing standing between the fascists and the terrible realization of their dream is Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the inspiring representative from Brooklyn. While speaking at a rally for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, AOC drew a line in the sand, urging Americans to reject fascism for national socialism.

“We can’t let the fascists win!” shouted the former bartender who experienced meteoritic fame after the surprise success of her 2018 congressional campaign. “That’s why we need to all come together under the banner of the national socialist movement! We can’t fall for ideas like individual liberty, limited government, and free speech. Free for who? These are fascist concepts that must be fought tooth and nail, and never be allowed to plat themselves in the American landscape.”

The crowd ate it up. After all, they knew the truth, that the only way to fight fascism is to restrict speech, disarm the population and nationalize the economy. Hopefully, other brave patriots will join them soon in the National Socialist Party, and we can finally rid our country of those pesky fascists for good.