ANALYSIS: If Pelosi Loves Trump So Much, Why Doesn’t She Marry Him?

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Yesterday, at a very nice press conference about the topic of impeachment, Pelosi declared that she doesn’t hate Trump. As we’ve been told many times, the Trump presidency is extremely polarizing, pushing people to either love or hate the president with no middle ground. Therefore, if Pelosi doesn’t hate Trump, she must love him, but if Pelosi loves Trump so much, why doesn’t she marry him?

There may be no one right way to answer this question. After all, why does anybody do anything? It’s possible that they’re both already married (The Derringer has not independently verified marriage documents for either Speaker Pelosi or President Trump, so we cannot comment at this time), but even if that were so, should that be an obstacle for true love? True love waits for no man, no woman, it has no choice, is all-consuming and is a devotion in and of itself – what can stand in love’s way but mortal death itself?

And even then, then, can it even be stopped then? When two souls, bound in the mortal fury of immortal passion, two hearts, through iron and through steel, beat as one, is there a force in the world that can keep them apart? No. Never. Naught.

And so the question remains, and, in this writer’s humble opinion, always will.